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Kelcorov Borzoi - About Us

kelcorov borzoi bunny kelley chaco

Bunny Kelley with MBISS Ch. Kelcorov's Bialar Crais, JC

Kelcorov Borzoi is a small hobby kennel located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains northeast of Sacramento, California. Follow along the Highway 20 corridor from Marysville to Grass Valley as it winds along the Yuba River - once rich with gold - and you will find our ranch, once part of the Sicard Gold Mine, with the borzoi playing in the pasture.

Several times a week we make a trip to the South Yuba River State Park for a hike and a swim between weekends - where we are likely to be found at a dog show or out at the races. Each of the dogs selected to remain here at Kelcorov is trained and given the opportunity to show, learn obedience, race, course and hike - and swim. If they do not do well or don't enjoy a particular discipline, they are not forced to continue. Most of my dogs love to show, will chase a lure, will definitely chase a Jack Rabbit and are willing pupils when it comes to obedience, rally or agility. When it comes to swimming, most of my borzoi must be taught for they are from the Steppes and are built to run, not swim. They have little body fat and well, they'll sink like a stone if they don't learn to kick, kick, kick. Of course our soaring summer temperatures will drive even the most hesitant into the water.

borzoi Yuba River

Bunny with: (l-r) Chiana, Windy, Talyn

Kitz Grada Borzoi - Coco bunny Kelley

Bunny with Ch. Knyz Serebriany iz Kitez Grada in the group ring - Judge: Donelle Richards

lure coursing borzoi NOTRA Borzoi

The dogs here are not pampered, they eat a quality commercial dog food, we do not use a plethora of supplements and they don't get a lot of 'extra' thrown in. Quality food formulas are those produced by a company that has veterinarians on staff and a kennel of dogs with which to actually test their foods. Rarely have we found an anectdotal account have any real merit. We have in the past fed home cooked meals, the BARF diet and have tried many of the 'designer' brand feeding programs. What we found is that there is a huge margin for error and that the dogs have not done as well. I do not recommend a BARF diet or supplementing anything with raw meat. The opportunity for contamination is huge as well as the chance of a dog tearing open their gut with a bone fragment. Major surgery for peritonitis caused by a chicken bone perforating the stomach or intestine is irresponsible when weighed against any perceived benefit. These lessons have been hard learned and many a dog has paid this price with their lives.

Each dog here gets plenty of "house" time and all are good snuggle buddies. I don't normally allow them on my bed, the hair can sometimes be overwhelming and besides, they take 'their side' out of the middle. However, most of the dogs prefer to sleep in their hammocks outside.

kelcorov borzoi - Drama snuggle kelcorov borzoi chaco bed

kuskaya borzoi - Farlov

Clockwise from upper left: Drama, Chaco and Farlov


I have a casual lifestyle and I do not purport to run a professional business. These dogs are my life and I choose their companions carefully. The Borzoi can be a difficult dog for a beginner which is why I make myself available to mentor those who bring a Kelcorov Borzoi into their home. I started in horses and have trained at Stanford University, Stephen's College and worked at Grant's Farm in St. Louis, Missouri, caring for the Busch's Grand Prix horses as well as their Giant Hackney coach horses and coach ponies.

Always up for a hike, many people bring their borzoi back "home" and join us for a day in the hills or a swim in the river.

bridgeport Borzoi

On the trail down to Englebright Lake with Shadow, Lynn Dowrick and Farlov.

One of our other favorite places to go is the Empire Mine State Park where we often pose for pictures in front of the early 20th century Bourne Cottage. Bourne Cottage was the Summer residence of the Bourne family, their only daughter died young and they were left with no heir. They left these extensive grounds as well as the forests and their multiple gold mines to the State of California. We think it is the perfect setting for photographing borzoi.

Bourne Cottage - Kelcorov Borzoi - Bunny Kelley

From left to right: Allie (sitting) Windy (laying down), D'Argo, Chaco, me and Dagger.






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